In recovery I feel free from the bondage of self, like I have been given a set of wings to fly high with.

Coming into recovery I felt all sorts of emotions.  My addiction lead me to a dark place and today I am able to walk in the light.  I am in the solution today and I couldn’t be more grateful.  In recovery, I feel free from the bondage of self, like I have been given a set of wings to fly high with.  There are no limits to the things I can achieve today and I am worth it.

I firmly believe when we first come into recovery, that in our head we feel as though we are being judged, but are we?  It’s all centered in the mind and in my experience I have found that all people want is for us to be better, healthy people.

Today, it is my choice to let others know that I am in recovery and I give that information away freely.  I have found that it makes me authentic and I have to live in my truth.  Giving this information could help another who may be struggling or they may know another who needs to be shown the light.  I was given the gift of sobriety at twenty two and the journey has been amazing.

Before, all I lived for was to separate myself from reality and all I wanted was to feel whole.  I had major social anxiety and I always needed to be under the influence to socialize.  I was irritable, restless, and discontent.  All I wanted was to feel free.  I will always remember the moment I completely surrendered and came to believe in a power greater then myself which I choose to call God.

I have been sober three years and with each passing year I learn something new and become inspired.  There has been a lot of change which has shaken me up.  However, today I have choices and I choose not to use drugs or alcohol.  Today I have friends, true friends who care about me and my well-being.  I have been given a design for living, something I never had before and it’s truly remarkable.  Through trials and tribulations I have been made strong.

Today, I am a good sober woman of honor and dignity.  There is hope through recovery and I promise your life doesn’t end here.  It’s only the beginning to a journey of excitement and wonder, it’s intoxicating how alluring recovery can be.  I was always drawn to darkness, but when in the light there is love, something I always so desperately wanted.

God is love, God is light, and remember never give up.  Stay in your truth and walk in your spirit.